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Deps Tiny Bulldoze

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Since the introduction of the full size 190mm Bulldozer in 2012, the fish catching ability of the Bull Shooter system has helped anglers catch fish all across the Country. Now offered in a smaller 100mm size, the Deps Tiny Bulldoze is the perfect size to imitate bluegill with a downsized presentation.

The Tiny Bulldoze features a wide, impact resistant, poly-carbonate lip that deflects well off of all types of cover and allows the angler to fish the lure with less snapping action. Equipped with super sharp #5 treble hooks with a proprietary finish designed to blend with the body of the bait, a 6mm stainless steel rattle combined with its single-jointed construction produce an action and sound that will attract bass from long distances. The soft plastic PVC tail and pectoral fins provide a more realistic silhouette, while the belly fin serves as a horizontal stabilizer and prevents the hooks from getting fouled.

Many of the Tiny Bulldoze’ features lend themselves to it being fished like a crank bait, however dead-sticking the lure over a target is a great way to use its realistic details to mimic a small fish rising to the surface to feed.  In addition, the lure can be fished with the ‘Riser Method’ where it is paused after it comes in contact with structure and slowly floats to the surface in a diagonal posture head upwards.

Available in the same highly life-like and creative patterns we have come to expect from Deps, the Tiny Bulldoze provides anglers with a bite-sized approach to targeting bluegill-eating bass.

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Tiny Bulldoze 4" 3/4oz Floating