Rapala DT-4 Yellow Perch
Rapala DT-4 Silver
Rapala DT-4 Shad
Rapala DT-4 Rootbeer Crawdad
Rapala DT-4 Red Crawdad
Rapala DT-4 Perch
Rapala DT-4 Pearl Grey Shiner
Rapala DT-4 Parrot
Rapala DT-4 Old School
Rapala DT-4 Live Bluegill
Rapala DT-4 Hot Mustard
Rapala DT-4 Helsinki Shad
Rapala DT-4 Green Gizzard Shad
Rapala DT-4 Disco Shad
Rapala DT-4 Demon
Rapala DT-4 Delta Brown Crawdad
Rapala DT-4 Delta
Rapala DT-4 Citrus Shad
Rapala DT-4 Chartreuse Rootbeer Crawdad
Rapala DT-4 Caribbean Shad
Rapala DT-4 Bluegill
Rapala DT-4 Blue Shad
Rapala DT-4 Blue Back Herring
Rapala DT-4 Big Shad
Rapala DT-4 Baby Bass
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Rapala DT-4

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Terrorizing shallow-holding bass with timeless DT attraction, the Rapala DT Series Crankbait has been carefully designed to dive down fast to a preset depth and stay in the “strike zone” longer than any other crankbait. Using the top 7% of balsa wood, the Rapala DT Series Crankbaits DT4 are built with carefully placed weights that create a mouthwatering action. Crafted using an ultra-thin polycarbonate lip, the Rapala DT Series Crankbait DT4 descends into the water column quickly to maximize time in the strike zone.

Diving down to 4ft with minimal resistance, the Rapala DT Series Crankbait DT4 creates a one-of-a-kind action that can only be achieved with a balsa crankbait. Precisely weighted to provide a “quick-dive” nose down position, allowing for immediate descent to the desired depth, the DT series offers extended casting distance. Simply put, the longer the cast, the longer the bait stays in the strike zone. It’s the most effective way to cover water and catch more fish.

Fitted with an internal baritone rattle for the best possible sound performance, the Rapala DT Series Crankbaits DT4 takes attraction to new heights with premium finishes and 3D holographic or painted eyes. Backed by a pair of sticky-sharp VMC treble hooks, the Rapala DT Series Crankbait DT4 provides proven DT attraction that is sure to a favorite among cranking afficionados.

Rapala Length Weight Depth Hooks
DT4 Series Crankbaits 2" 5/16oz 4ft Two No. 6

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