Geecrack Gilling 125 Natural Gill
Geecrack Gilling 125 Natural Spawn Gill
Geecrack Gilling 125 Funa Modoki Gill
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Geecrack Gilling 125

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Designed to imitate the favorite forage of many bass, the Geecrack Gilling 125 Swimbait is an ideal tool for targeting once-in-a-lifetime trophies or for sticking a kicker fish on tournament day. Featuring a robust three-joint construction, the Gilling 125 Swimbait expertly mimics bluegill in both action and appearance. Its multi-joint build delivers extreme versatility, moving softly and lazily with an absence of caution on a slow retrieve, but springs to life with a fast retrieve like a destressed bluegill trying to escape a large predator. It also boasts incredibly detailed and anatomically accurate 3D fins, scales, gills, and eyes, that pair perfectly with its meticulously detailed paint scheme.

Thanks to its adaptable action, the Geecrack Gilling 125 Swimbait can be fished effectively utilizing a variety of techniques. It offers a seductive gliding action on a steady retrieve and is capable of coaxing even stubborn bass into launching an attack when implementing a stop-and-go pattern. When fishing with added weight to create a sinking action, Geecrack’s own Mr. Morinaga suggests his ‘Bottom Up’ technique in which the angler allows the Gilling 125 to sink and make contact with the bottom and then lifting the rod tip in a long stroke to make the bait appear to be fleeing towards the surface, inviting vicious strikes from aggressive bass. Complete with premium components and hardware from tip to tail, the Geecrack Gilling 125 Swimbait packs big performance and attention-grabbing detail into an irresistible bluegill profile.

Geecrack Length Weight Class
Gilling 125 4.9" 1.34oz Suspending