Ima Roumba Albino
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Ima Roumba

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The ROUMBA is a unique bait that creates a natural wake by wobbling side-to-side along the surface and producing an enticing sound that makes fish bite.

Professional angler Fred Roumban is designed this bait to work best when fished over shallow aquatic grass, such as milfoil and hydrilla. It is also highly effective around boat docks, laydowns, brush piles, and standing timber. It is unique because it can imitate several types of baitfish, crawfish scooting along the bottom and frogs near vegetation.

It is available in a standard silent version and a rattling version. Roumbanis said thatthe rattling version is his “go-to” lure when the water is dirty, but he’ll have bothtied on and readyto deploy in many instances. For example, he’ll have both modelsready to go on tidal waters. “At low tides, when the water pulls the sediment off ofthe vegetation and it gets clear, I like the silent version,” he said. “But when the tideis high and it’s a little harder to see, that rattling version will call them from longdistances.”

Roumban is prefers to fish both versions of the ROUMBA with two main retrieves: on the surface and below.

When fishing on the surface retrieve, the best action is produced with a semi-taught line with the rod tip positioned around 11 o’clock. The ROUMBA creates a natural wake by “wobbling” side to side along the water’s surface while producing an enticing sound that makes fish bite. This is an effortless bait that creates the dog walking action on its own.

For subsurface cranking, use a medium retrieve to get the ROUMBA to dive and swim with a wobbling pulsating action between 12 to 18 inches below the surface.

The ROUMBA can be fished on standard cranking gear with good results. Roumbanis recommends 12 to 17lb monofilament for the surface retrieve and fluorocarbon line in the same sizes when fishing below the surface.